Gilding 101

So, this is actually about an hour long video, not the five minutes you’ll get here. Eventually I will break up the full thing into individual lessons that you can check out at your own convenience. But for now, this is sort of a basic gilding overview by our master gilder, R. Wayne Reynolds. If you like it, check back soon and there will be a more detailed version.

The Lowy Blog

So we decided it was high time for Lowy to join the age of technology, to step up from its old school ways and start anew in the twenty-first century. And what better way to start than with its very own blog! In this blog, we will explore various aspects of the company, using pictures and video to help further understand “how things happen” here at Lowy. Not having an art background, working at Lowy has been an educational process for me, and frankly, I find things here completely interesting and surprising. I hope you’ll be just as intrigued and want to come back again and again to view our further posts, which will be coming on a regular basis.