So flaky…

We got this painting which was flaking like crazy!! And, as always, the peoples here have impressed the heck out of me. Flaking tends to occur when the paint layers are cupping and cracking severely, sometimes from a change in humidity which causes the adhesive between the ground and paint layers to weaken, though there can be many reasons. But it’s ultimately — bad — cause it means that the paint layers are flaking off, resulting in what can sometimes be large paint losses. When this painting came in we weren’t even sure what the best way to approach it was, since the flaking was active and severe. Normally, we would set the flaking areas down with a synthetic adhesive applied through a syringe and local application of heat and pressure, but in this case, almost the whole painting was flaking, so that seemed like a daunting task. After evaluating it, a decision was made to infuse the front of the image with a thermoplastic adhesive so that the paint layers would immediately cease flaking and stability could be restored. The results speak for themselves! Pictures are before, after the infusion, and final after cleaning and inpainting.


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