Brighten Your Day!

We have a never-ending amount of filthy paintings which come in for treatment, and I’m always amazed at how filthy they actually turn out to be. What seems like a dark, stormy sky can actually be a bright and sunny day! You might not even realize that the painting is dirty, since it’s consistent throughout, but the results are undeniable. Some factors that could be making your painting dirty: 1) NICOTINE!!! If you smoke, your painting probably has a nasty orange tint to it. 2) Soot. If you’ve got paintings anywhere near a fireplace or oven, it’s a safe bet they could use a cleaning. 3) Dust and dirt. If you live in an area which has a lot of congestion and/or traffic, chances are your painting is dirtier than it looks. Obviously if there are specific stains or damages it’s easier to notice, but these are some of the things to look out for if there’s a more even distribution of discoloration. Look how much this painting brightens!!