Lowy makes the cut in Steve Martin’s new novel!

Larry Shar to be??

Steve Martin’s new novel, An Object of Beauty, explores the inner workings of the NYC art world.  Not to give anything away, but as one would expect, his central character pays a visit to Lowy  (which he dubs “the Upper East Side framer to the magnificent”) where Larry has a brief business encounter with the book’s protagonist, Lacey Yeager, an aggressive mover and shaker at Sotheby’s. When asked who he would like to see playing him if the novel were adapted to the big screen, he quipped “why not Larry David, another bald Jewish comic from Brooklyn’s Sheepshead Bay HS class of ’65; after all the only difference between him and me is that we both embraced our neoroses but he was able to parlay his into a multi-million dollar career!  http://nyti.ms/d4VA9w