Gilded Everything

Excited about gilded frames? You’re not alone – just look at the golden pieces displayed at The White House, many of which Lowy’s master gilder, Wayne Reynolds, worked on. There’s no limit to the effects that can be achieved with gilding. In fact, one of Lowy Frame and Restoring Co.’s gilders, Janine Lambers, also works in gold leaf to create stunning artworks that use traditional techniques in a contemporary way.

Janine Lambers, Oxidized Screen Maquette
Janine Lambers, Oxidized Screen Maquette

In her work, Janine uses a silver leafing process known as water gilding and draws from more than fifteen years of experience as a gilder of frames and furniture. As with the antique reproduction frames we make at Lowy, she starts with a wooden support, which she then layers with traditional gesso and clay. On this surface, she applies gold and precious leaf such as palladium or silver on a much larger scale than usual, allowing the metal to naturally oxidize. Influenced by artists including Max Kuehne, Gustav Klimt and Charles Prendergast, she is inspired by artistic techniques that fuse art with craft in modern forms. Janine has exhibited at Gallery 66 in Cold Spring, NY, and at RiverWinds Gallery in her adopted hometown of Beacon, NY, which is also home to Dia, the largest contemporary art museum in the United States.

Janine Lambers, Screen with Poppies, 57” x 64 3/8”
Janine Lambers, Screen with Poppies, 57” x 64 3/8”

Even wearable objects can be gilded. Ian Campbell, a recent graduate of Yale University’s M.F.A. program in Sculpture, makes wearable gilded sunglasses and jackets through his fashion label, Igor&. And opening this month, the Frick Collection Museum will display one of the most important public collections of European timepieces and five spectacular clocks, many of which are gilded. These striking examples confirm our sneaking suspicion: Lowy Frame and Restoring Co. is at the center of a thriving and robust field!

Leather Jacket by Igor&
Leather Jacket by Igor&

To find out more about gilding, call 212-861-8585 or click here.


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