Featured Frame of the Week

This week’s featured frame is a mid 17th-century cassetta frame with small painted figures and landscapes probably by Stefano della Bella. Lowy’s president, Larry Shar, discovered this exquisite frame on a buying trip in Paris and after a snack of foie gras, decided to bring it back for our showroom.


On this blog we’ve discussed a number of painters and artists who also designed frames for economy’s sake or to specifically complement the ideas expressed in their artworks. In this rarer circumstance, Stefano della Bella has treated the frame as a canvas. Like a very small panel, or the Elgin Marbles, the vista expands and the story winds along the rectangular surface of the panel.

Central scene of the east frieze of the Parthenon (image courtesy of The British Museum)

For more information on Lowy’s collection of 5,000 antique frames, please visit www.lowyonline.com or call 212-861-8585.


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