Frame of the Week

This week’s featured frame is a 20th century American carved and gilt frame of reverse profile in the Taos style made by the Newcomb-Macklin Company.

Image 20th century American carved and gilt frame made by the Newcomb Macklin Co.

The artists Ernest Blumenschein, Bert Phillips, Eanger Irving Couse, Herbert S. Dunton, Joseph Henry Sharp and Oscar Berninghaus formed the Taos Society of artists in 1915.  These artists came from the eastern United States and Europe and blended their experiences with native American influences to create a new style. 

Couse and Sharp are known to have designed their own frames.  These frames resembled other early 20th century ones made by prominent frame makers in Boston and New York.  However, the carved designs bring to mind indigenous Native American motifs and the roughly hewn chiseled texture of the panels give them a less polished flavor, giving them a distinctive Southwestern flavor. Newcomb-Macklin was one of several companies known to make frames for Taos artists employing similar designs.

Lowy consigned this frame to Sotheby’s recently as it was the perfect match for Joseph Henry Sharp’s The War Bonnet.  The painting was estimated to be sold for between $120,000 and $180,000, with the winning bid coming in at $257,000 at yesterday’s Arts of the American West auction.

For more information on our Arts & Crafts frames and any of the 5000 frames in Lowy’s collection, please visit or call 212-861-8585.


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