Lowy’s conservators do it again!

Not to post the same subject twice, but sometimes I just can’t believe the amount of unnecessary restoration is on the paintings when they arrive at Lowy! Take a look at before and after ultraviolet photographs of this picture.

To Drop or Not to Drop…

Your paintings can be dirtied by a lot of things we tend not to think about, and an old painting will have generally collected years of dirt and pollutants. Unless you’ve had it cleaned recently, who knows what’s gathered on there over the years? In this case, and many others, it’s fly droppings. What, what? Fly droppings, you say? How do enough flys get into your home to create this kind of nastiness?

Sure, it’s hard to imagine in this luxurious and sanitized world we now live in, but remember that not long ago, there was no glass or screens in our windows, and flys and all other sorts of insects could come in at will and go to town all over your artwork. It’s actually quite common. So there’s a good chance that if you’ve got an old painting that’s not been seen by a conservator lately, it too is faced with a fly dropping problem, and it may be time to bring it on in and make it dropping free. Just look at the before and after shots!